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Case Study Project – Greg (Part 5)

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ‘Piano Sonata’ no. 16 in C major, K. 545

I think that expansion of the form, complicated structure and variety of individual movements require a full commitment during all the stages of work. Greg had heard this piece before and was very excited to play it. I asked him to...

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Case Study Project – Greg (Part 4)


  • S. Bach ‘Prelude and Fugue’ in C minor DWK I

I think that working on the polyphony is a very important part of becoming a musician. Correct and conscious playing of polyphonic compositions develops linear hearing, sound imagination, perceptive musical thinking and ability to hear all the layers of the piece. Greg was...

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Case Study Project – Greg (Part 3)

General aims:

  • Sight-reading:

Greg prepares new pieces within a short period time but he has never sight-read them. He always starts with listening to the recording and then he practices one phrase starting with the right hand. He does the notes first, and then adds rhythm, articulation and dynamics. When he can play that...

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Case Study Portfolio – Greg (Part 2)

General aims:

Improvement of the elements of technique and musical interpretation (continued):

  • developing a proficiency of speed and achieving the required pace

  • using different types of pedaling (half-pedal, vibrato pedal and sostenuto pedal)

  • working on the musical elements:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of sound and how it is produced

  • shaping the musical climaxes in the...

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