Playing from memory – children (Part 1)

Memorisation in the early stages of learning piano (Part 1)

The question of memorising a piece at the beginning of music education is an issue frequently marginalised. A student is simply expected to learn a set piece by heart, and the way he or she will achieve that remains their mystery. In order to...

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Playing from memory – types of memory

Memory types

Depending on the fact whether we engage sight, hearing, analytical thinking or a motor organ in the process of memorisation – we call such a method: visual, auditory, logical or motor memory. It does not mean, however, that a given individual is to be attributed with only one particular memory...

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Playing from memory – Memory process and its stages

Acquisition – memorisation stage

Acquisition is memorisation – which is a process of creating musical imagination and committing full musical image to memory, including all its elements: formal construction, melodic pattern, cadence, harmony, dynamics, tempo, articulation, all the performer’s emotions, as well as all the movements required for its production. If one is to...

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Playing from memory – Conditions

Those who happen to experience memory problems, the so-called “memory blanks” in a musical image, know best how important it is for a musician to be able to memorise and retrieve from memory various music pieces. The awareness of the blank appearing in one’s mind causes panic, nervousness, or at times puts a...

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