Case Study Project – Greg (Part 4)


  • S. Bach ‘Prelude and Fugue’ in C minor DWK I

I think that working on the polyphony is a very important part of becoming a musician. Correct and conscious playing of polyphonic compositions develops linear hearing, sound imagination, perceptive musical thinking and ability to hear all the layers of the piece. Greg was quite resistant when I told him that I wanted him to play a piece by Bach. He said that he finds baroque music boring because he couldn’t concentrate on everything that was going on in the pieces. According to him, classical pieces are easier because there’re just the melody and the accompaniment. He was persuaded to think otherwise when I played him the ‘Prelude’ and he realised that it is technically very challenging and has to be played at a fast speed.

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Aims of the work in Fugue:

  • independent and diversified leading of several voices while maintaining the correct dynamic levels and individual characteristics of each of them

  • leading two voices in one hand

  • ability to play using precise legato articulation

  • independence and efficiency of the left hand

In order to perform a polyphonic composition, it’s necessary to analyse it formally. Terms and musical elements we concentrated on: themes, counterpoint, bridges and their role, keys and cadences, phrasing and sound of individual voices, pulse, tempo, character, articulation and implementation of the ornaments.

Greg was asked to analyse and work on the polyphonic composition so that he knew it inside out. I gave him lots of tasks and practising methods that apparently taught him to be able to start the piece from all the places he could imagine. I asked him to concentrate on:

  • playing the voices individually

  • combining individual voices

  • working on the foreground of the piece

  • singing a selected voice while playing the others

  • using a contrasting articulation and dynamic

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