Case Study Project – Greg (Part 3)

General aims:

  • Sight-reading:

Greg prepares new pieces within a short period time but he has never sight-read them. He always starts with listening to the recording and then he practices one phrase starting with the right hand. He does the notes first, and then adds rhythm, articulation and dynamics. When he can play that one phrase by heart, only then he will try to learn the left hand. He’s always very precise and articulate which I really  admire.  As he decided to undertake the Grade 8 exam, we had to learn how to sight-read.

Greg found playing the piece for the first time with the dynamics and the correct articulation very difficult. He said that he felt forced by me to ignore the mistakes and just keep on playing. We also did the sight-reading exercises with me covering the notes he just played so that he couldn’t repeat them until they sounded perfect. We’ve started with ‘Improve your sight-reading Grade 6’ as I didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed. He’s been working very hard and really efficiently so I hope that he won’t find the exam exercise too difficult.

During our work on improving his sight-reading we covered:

  • pre-performance tasks:

  • improving the efficiency of the preliminary analysis of the new musical text

  • active perception of all the symbols of musical notation

  • usage of theoretical knowledge (age, style, composer, form and character of the piece)

  • preparation for uncommon changes (changes in time signature, tempo, key, intersection of hands and added lines)

  • exercises to improve sight-reading:

  • widening the field of view

  • spatial orientation in all registers without sight

  • sight-reading performance:

  • choosing the right tempo

  • continuity of expression

  • usage of visual, auditory and motor habits

  • smooth performance of a piece with attention for a beautiful sound and consistent interpretation of the text

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