Case Study Portfolio – Greg (Part 2)

General aims:

Improvement of the elements of technique and musical interpretation (continued):

  • developing a proficiency of speed and achieving the required pace

  • using different types of pedaling (half-pedal, vibrato pedal and sostenuto pedal)

  • working on the musical elements:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of sound and how it is produced

  • shaping the musical climaxes in the melody and correct phrasing

  • rhythmical aspects - speed, pulse, time signature and rhythm

  • agogics (keeping a steady tempo, tempo rubato and freedom of phrasing)

  • dynamics (dynamic plan of the piece and increase in dynamic scale)

  • harmonic structure of the piece – understanding a role of the harmonic structures in forming the overall body of the piece

  • enrichment of the colouristic tone sonority

  • awareness of form and an appropriate style

  • working on the pieces, their interpretation and public performances:

  • stages of work on a new piece

  • error-free reading of the scores (notes, fingering, musical terms and performance directions)

  • theoretical analysis of the piece

  • conscious memorizing of the pieces

  • mastering the principles of effective practicing

  • preparation for public performances (ability to concentrate and overcome a stage fright)

  • ability to self-assess the performance and the results of practicing

  • developing imagination and expression

  • ability to shape the form during a performance

  • differentiation of the character of the pieces (consistent with the style of performing work e.g baroque, classicism, romanticism, impressionism and contemporary)

  • gradual implementation to prepare the pieces and to maintain them ready for a possible performance

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