Case Study Portfolio – Isabel (Part 5)



Isabel got a bit upset because she didn’t get a distinction in her Grade 3 exam in December. She got very high marks for the pieces and aural part of the exam however, she got stressed when it came to scales and totally confused the fingering resulting in lots of mistakes. As predicted, she also found the sight-reading exercise quite difficult and decided to only play the correct notes without paying attention to rhythm, articulation and dynamics.

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Since our last recorded lesson in February Isabel asked me to work with her on some songs by Adele. I had to rewrite a few sections to make it easier for her and so that the difficulty of the piece wouldn’t put her off. We also used the syncopated pedal in one of the songs. Isabel’s new goal is to learn Fryderyk Chopin’s ‘Waltz’ in A Minor op. Posth because she really liked ‘Wiosna’ by the same composer.

Isabel is very motivated to undertake Grade 4 exam in June. I would like to spend more time with her working on sight-reading, studies that contain scales and arpeggios and analyzing the harmony in the pieces rather than rushing towards the next exam. She’ll also be taking Grade 3 exam in violin so I don’t want her to be under too much pressure. We’ve decided to choose some less demanding Grade 4 pieces and hopefully work on the more difficult ones after the exam.

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