Nationalism in Poland in the 19th Century (Part 6)

When we look at the times of Fryderyk Chopin, we see Europe tired of war, but not giving up fighting, rebelling against its enemies and craving for peace. Characteristic features of the musical culture of the nineteenth century are ‘national styles’. They result from an increased sense of national identity of Germans, French, Italians, Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and Russians. A very strong impact on the growth of national self-awareness had a threat of national sovereignty, independence and a desire to defend oneself. A national identity makes us feel as a part of community with the same language, history, traditions and customs.

Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, Zygmunt Krasińki and Fryderyk Chopin expressed their national identity using different means of poetry, prose and music. What inspired them was love for their country. Patriotism and love for Poland are very easy to notice in Chopin’s music. The composer expresses them by using folk melodies such as Mazurka, Kujawiak, Oberek, Polonaise and Polish Christmas Carols. Chopin’s compositions tell stories about the history of Poland and express composer’s longing for return home.

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